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Vandal's Kitchen New River Gorge

Over 100 years ago Abraham Vandal made a 200 acre farm his home. His home would one day be Fayetteville, West Virginia. We want to celebrate that family’s decision to build a community here beside the New River Gorge and continue in their tradition.

Back then food was served fresh from the garden and rarely processed beyond “putting up” food for the winter. Waffles never came frozen in a box. Food was prepared fresh to fuel an honest day’s work.

Join Us On This Journey 

We want to share with you casual comfort. The familiarity of home and a hearty meal. (Plus, we all know everybody at the party ends up hanging out in the kitchen).

Come visit us at Vandal’s Kitchen Break bread with us. We’ll be open in a couple months (we hope). But in the meantime you can see how we’re  doing on Facebook and Instagram.

We can’t guarantee how this will turn out, but, we can guarantee it won’t be boring.