Coffee.  Really Good Coffee

Small batch coffee roasted outside of Ithaca, NY by Matt & Andrew…two guys that really love coffee.  It Shows.  Enjoy some of Forty Weight Coffee Roasters’ java caft!  (Whole beans available for sale, also)

In House Mug…2.50 (free dine-in refills)

To Go…   10 oz.  2.25      16 oz. …  2.50

Iced Coffee…2.50

Tea, etc.

We are also big fans of tea around here.  We offer a variety of loose leaf teas and our specialty tea lattes.

London Fog Latte

We start with a premium loose leaf Earl Grey tea housing flavor notes of marigold and vanilla bean.  Together we steam the Earl Grey tea, with your choice of milk and a little bit of our house made vanilla syrup.  This is a sweet, creamy subtle drink…3.25

Honey Chai Latte

If you’re looking for a little spice in your tea latte, this is the drink for you.  We steep a strong Chai using a blend of loose leaf Ceylon black tea, cinnamon, cardamom,  ginger, and peppercorns.  Next, we add a little bit of honey as a sweetener and steep with your choice of milk.  This is a spicy, warm, invigorating latte…3.50

Green Ginger Latte

We start by steeping a subtle green ginger tea with fresh ginger and finish by combining the green ginger tea with a hint of honey and steamed almond milk.  We top this latte with a hint of lemon zest to complement the spicy ginger and honey flavors…3.50


Earl Grey  ♦  English Breakfast  ♦  Green Ginger  ♦  Peppermint…2.00

Hot Chocolate

Steamed milk mixed with our homemade chocolate syrup…2.50


As much as we love coffee, we really love espresso.  Each drink is like a piece of art.  Like coffee, we start with some of the best espresso we could find from Forty Weight.  It stands alone as a double shot or steamed with your choice of whole, skim or almond milk.  We can sweeten any drink up with our coffee syrups, all made in-house.

Espresso (double shot)….2.00


Cafe Americano…2.50

Cafe Latte…3.25

Cafe Mocha…3.50

Iced Latte…3.25

Iced Mocha…3.50

Add Flavor (Made In-House)…60

Chocolate  ♦  Vanilla  ♦  Featured of the Day

Choose Your Milk

Whole  ♦   Skim  ♦  Almond(.60)