What’s In A Name? The Story Behind Vandal’s Kitchen…

What’s In A Name? The Story Behind Vandal’s Kitchen…

At the core of the Vandal’s Kitchen adventure is the love that Elizabeth, Adam and I share for our little Appalachian mountain town – Fayetteville, West Virginia.

Also at the core was our mutual desire to find a way, and a place, where all the different social circles of our community could find common ground. There are only so many fundamentally universal human experiences out there. We have to breathe. We have to drink. And of course, we have to eat. Food is one of the great common denominators of the human experience regardless of race, religion, gender, economic background or any trait we chose to compare.

To break bread with our neighbors is a moment to be cherished. To live in Fayetteville, West Virginia is an honor.

So how would we bring it all together in a name?

Well, first a history lesson. You see, Fayetteville hasn’t always been “Fayetteville”. Prior to 1831 it was known as Vandalia. In fact it was owned by a Vandal… Abraham Vandal. He purchased a 200 acre farm that today is the sight of our town. As legend goes his tavern and farmhouse was located where Fayette County National bank stands today, and the county courthouse in the center of town was built on the site of Vandal’s rye field.

Vandal’s farm, and the lifestyle that came with the Appalachian homestead at the time embodies everything that we are embracing as a restaurant. Grow your own food, grow it close to your kitchen, grow it with diversity and with taste as a guide.

As for the kitchen? Well, that was simple. First off we aren’t chefs, but, I’ve been cooking most of my life for friends and family. And, where does everybody end up at that part? You know. Standing in the kitchen. It’s a casual comfortable place at the center of our homes. It speaks to our rustic, comforting style.

So, what’s in a name? A lot. But for you, our family, friends and guests we hope you find a comfortable seat in our kitchen where you belong…. and stay as long as you wish.

Join us at Vandal’s Kitchen.

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